Rostov Don Cossack Choir

Strong-voiced chants

Rostov Don Cossack Choir is performing strong-voiced Gregorian chants, as well as folksongs and Christmas songs at Schlossweihnacht.

The Don Cossack horseback warriors fighted for independence and liberty, leaded by a strong courage to face life and the love for their home region. In the 1930s, Serge Jaroff and Andrej Scholuch founded the first legendary Cossack choirs, which achieved worldwide fame. Unfortunately, with the passing away of the two gifted conductors, the choirs gradually disintegrated.

Rostov Don Cossack Choir is continuing the tradition of the old choirs with their stunning vocal power. Through the interplay of choral singing and solo singing, unexpected dark basses and clear tenors, the choir will make the audience feel taken back in time to the rough 17th century, beyond the serfdom and compulsory labour.

You can look forward to gregorian chants from N. Rimskij Korsakov, P. I. Tschaikowskij or A. Schesnakov, as well as songs from the repertoire of I. Rebroff (like “Wolgalied” from operetta “Der Zarevitsch”). Also well-known Russian songs like “Eintönig klingt das Glöckchen”, “Am rauen Baikal”, “Kosakenmarsch”, “Kalinka” or “Abendglocken” will be performed, as well as some German Christmas songs. The performance is including moderation.

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Rostov Don Cossack Choir on Facebook

Live at Schlossweihnacht Bruchsal 2017

Saturday 16th December 2017 · 15:00 (3 pm)

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